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Self-Service Till Nightmare!

Sainsburys here have just had all their tills replaced, and have put in some self-service ones. Which I'm generally in favour of - for instance the ones in Boots are great and you rarely have to queue for them, unlike the staffed tills. The ones in Sainsburys suck tho, I shan't be using them again. I had to have a staff member authorise something 3 times during the process & I only had a smallish load of shopping to do :/ First up - it wants you to put your bags in the bagging area if you're using your own bags. Great, except it takes a wee while to get plastic bag-for-life bags to stand up when they're empty ... and I somehow triggered an "unanticipated object in bagging area" alert, which required staff to cancel. Er, wtf? I guess that was my hand or something, maybe? Which I guess I could get "better" at doing whatever it wanted more promptly & with less hassle. But the next two alerts were for not bagging groceries. Except, I had, it was just lightweight things that the bagging area didn't register - multi-packs of crisps & a couple of pairs of earrings. But you can't just say "not bagging this item" like you can on the Boots ones, oh no, you have to have a member of staff come and authorise it for you. Again with the wtf?? I'm not even sure why they care - if I scan something then lose it, well I've bought it haven't I? It's not their fault if I can't keep hold of it long enough to leave the shop. Or if I want to put it in my pocket or handbag instead of a plastic bag in the authorised bagging area *rolls eyes*

There also seemed to be fewer staffed tills open :/ Which would make sense (tho be unfortunate for the staff who don't have as much work any more), if only the self-service tills weren't so crap-tastic. I mean, I like self-service tills etc in general, and tend to find them easy to use & quick to get the hang of - and I found it unwieldy & required multiple staff interventions! But they're the only half-decent sized supermarket in the middle of town, so I don't suppose they'll lose any customers even if they have just become astonishingly less customer-friendly to shop at. Technology of the future - Sainsburys, you're doing it wrong!
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