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More Books!

I got "Kitty and The Midnight Hour" by Carrie Vaughn (book 28) out of the library coz I'd seen calico_reaction talking about a later one in the series & how much she liked the whole series. It's carrying on with my current urban fantasy theme (which may be a bit played out once all the ones I've got reserved come through from the library). Kitty is a werewolf & a late night DJ, and she sort of accidentally turns her music show into a talk show about the supernatural. Which is real in her world, but pretty much hidden from the normal world. And then she sort of accidentally comes out as a werewolf ... One of the things calico_reaction was talking about was how Kitty changes a lot over the first four books (so I have the next 3 reserved at the library too) & I did like the way that she's not some super-ultra-special werewolf or a kick-ass can-do-anything heroine. She starts at bottom of the pecking order, her pack isn't particularly functional either & her growing self-confidence doesn't make everything fall into place - in some ways it makes her life go totally off the rails. But the life she had wasn't really one that she should be fighting to keep & she's growing up & getting over the trauma associated with becoming a werewolf (being vague for avoidance of spoilers). So I'm interested to see where this goes. And I think the wider story is also the story of the supernatural side of the world coming out to the normals & how Kitty is sort of accidentally in the middle of that.

And while I was in the library on Monday I also spotted "Oath of Fealty" by Elizabeth Moon (book 29) which I haven't got round to buying yet, but it will definitely be bought even tho I've read it now! This is the start of a new trilogy in the Deed of Paksenarrion universe, which is my favourite of Moon's universes. The original trilogy follows the story of Paksenarrion from her running away from home to join a mercenary band through to becoming a Paladin of Gird. The gods are real in this world, but the good ones have a strong ethic of helping those who help themselves. The bad ones do what the hell they want, but exact a price in blood & torture for their "help". Magic works, for some people - mostly by the grace (or otherwise) of the gods, but other magic is an inborn talent. And technology is pre-industrial revolution stuff, swords for fighting, agriculture is the way of life for most people. It could be very generic, but it isn't at all - it is its own world with its own ways and peoples that make it feel solid and real and unique. This book starts where the previous trilogy leaves off (with a slight overlap), but Paks is only a secondary background character this time. The main points of view are all people who are stepping up to another level in their lives rather unexpectedly - Kieri has inherited a kingdom he didn't know he was heir to, after having been Duke of a part of a different one & commander of a mercenary army. His second in command, Arcolin has to step into the place Kieri has vacated. And the captain of one of the cohorts turns out to be the only member of a different ducal family who cannot have been involved in treason due to having been cast out of the family, and so she needs to step up to be a Duke when all she'd hoped to do was lead a cohort in Kieri's new kingdom. And as well as face these new challenges, there's also the continuing fallout from the Verrakai treachery and I'm sure much much older events are also going to be important in this trilogy - there's a discovery Dorrin makes in the Verrakai house that makes me think this. And half of Kieri's kingdom is made up of much longer lived elves. There's a pair of books in this universe (The Legacy of Gird) set much earlier, that end in a way that might tie into this new trilogy, too. And now I want to read the next two books in this trilogy - but one isn't finished yet & the other isn't quite published yet, so I can't!
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