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Accessorising, originally uploaded by plingthepenguin.

This isn't the best picture ever of me, but it shows off the magenta dip we had as part of our starter on Saturday and how well it went with my colour scheme for the evening out ;)

I put about 50 pics up on flickr from the weekend, starting here and moving on to the newer end of the photostream. (Is that forwards, or backwards? I think it's forwards, but the UI on flickr itself seems to imply it's backwards ...)

Obviously I think they're all worth looking at, but other highpoints are:

Boats we liked the names of.
J at the Docks.
Building renovations in progress.
Pirate flag!!
A seagull on a mission.
A large spanner, no really, that's what the label says.
Several different pictures of the sky (and more not linked!).
A damsel fly.
What Toby sees himself as?
Lights reflecting at night.

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