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Today will be a good day :) We're off to London in about 2 hours time to go and see Marillion this evening :)

I was supposed to be getting up when J left for work and doing some work myself, but I ended up firstly setting the alarm for an hour later to get a little more sleep, then switching off the alarm and going back to sleep for yet another hour. So I've not done much, but I've printed out a chapter to go through and look for grammer/wording problems.

My weight seems to be coming down - in the last 4 days or so I've been on track for losing about half a pound a week, which would take about 11 months to drop down to 9 and a half stone. But whatever, it's a start :) And if I actually start doing excerise as well as not snacking then that'll help too.

Best go pack coz I gotta leave to go meet J soon :)

Going to see Marillion *bounce*
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