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Book Roundup for July

I typed up a list for a comment elsewhere a few days ago & thought I'd share it here too.

July was a good month for finishing books for me - as I'd finally finished a non-fiction book (on Egypt, very interesting, just slow going) at the end of June. So I was reading lots of fiction (and a lot of it fluffy stuff) for a change of pace. The list was:

"Library of the Dead" Glen Cooper
"Book of Souls" Glen Cooper
"Complete Short Stories" H. G. Wells
"Touch the Dark" Karen Chance
"The Margarets" Sherri S. Tepper
(All above reviewed here)

"Black Ships" Jo Graham
"Wake" Robert J. Sawyer
(Reviewed here)

"Summon the Keeper" Tanya Huff (review)

"Watch" Robert J. Sawyer
"Ill Wind" Rachel Caine
(Reviewed here)

"Honor of the Clan" John Ringo & Julie Cochrane
"The Hero" John Ringo & Michael Z. Wiliamson
"Heat Stroke" Rachel Caine
"Chill Factor" Rachel Caine
(Reviewed here)

"Kitty & The Midnight Hour" Carrie Vaughn
"Oath of Fealty" Elizabeth Moon
(Reviewed here)

"Windfall" Rachel Caine
"Firestorm" Rachel Caine
"Thin Air" Rachel Caine
"Kitty Goes To Washington" Carrie Vaughn
(Reviewed here (along with some others))

And good heavens, that looks an even longer list than I'd thought before I typed it all out! Favourite is a toss up between "Black Ships" and "Oath of Fealty". Biggest disappointment was "Summon the Keeper". Most surprisingly enjoyable was either the two Glenn Cooper books (conspiracy theory novels done right) or the Caine books (not just a very different take on the current urban fantasy genre, but full of twists & turns I didn't see coming which makes the books an awesome ride even if I strongly suspect they're a once-only pleasure).

That's 20 books read, and breaking it down by genre (er, my mental categorisation, may not match yours etc etc) I'd say that's: 10 urban fantasy, 2 conspiracy theory, 2 present day sci-fi, 2 military sci-fi, 1 epic fantasy, 1 historical fantasy, 1 sci-fi/fantasy blend and 1 fantastical tales (also short stories). Not quite as much urban fantasy as I'd thought, but still half of it with no other category getting anything like as much representation.
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