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Holiday Coming Soooooon(ish)!

Picked up our tickets for our holiday yesterday! Wheeeeee! Getting kinda excited about it now :)

And bought (I think) the last of the things I needed to. Oh, wait, I need to check the travelling pharmacy stocks. So no, beach towels and a pair of shorts weren't the last things I needed. More fun than making sure I've sufficient painkillers etc tho ;)

Gotta make a decision about money very soon too. It's been 10 years since we went to Kefalonia & I think we just went totally on cash then. But presumably there's cash machines in Skala now? I've no real feel for it. Looked on TripAdvisor while writing this, sounds like 2 cash machines, which work most of the time but shouldn't rely on them. So, Euros, hopefully use cards if/when that runs out, plus traveller's cheques in case. Now I just have to get a feel for how expensive food is (that's most of what we'll be buying, well food & drink) and then I can move money around between bank accounts & get the money then we're all set.

And decide which books to take, I may well end up taking up J's suggestion of taking along the beginner hieroglyphs book plus a notepad in case I run out of reading material (tho I'm aiming to take mostly non-fiction & I'm always slower reading that).

Eeeeeeeee! :D

(And can you tell we don't do the holiday-abroad thing often? I've no collection of routines and "we always do X"s for even the obvious stuff!)
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