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Flower & Hoverfly

Flower & Hoverfly, originally uploaded by plingthepenguin.

Had a bit of a play around with the new camera yesterday - and put a selection of pics up online. Getting them off the camera was a bit of an adventure - it didn't just mount it as a drive, had to use gphoto2 to get them off. So it acted like a real camera which we weren't expecting ;)

I just discovered this morning that I didn't have the stabilisation on in the camera settings - it appears to be off by default & I must've missed the "Electronic VR" option when I was going through the menus. So the blurry nature of this garden picture (c.f. this one from the lumix) and this indoor one is probably just due to that not being set up right.

The macro mode doesn't let you get as close in as the lumix does, but it's not bad - see the flower & hoverfly above which are nice & sharp (as is this picture of leaves & seeds). And clearly I can hold my hand steady sometimes, too ;)

And every camera test needs a bonus cat picture!

Overall, first impressions are not as good as our main camera but perfectly adequate and so very very small! So, does the job we bought it for and means we can relax about being able to bring home pics from our holiday :)

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