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Flowers, Leaves & Bugs

, originally uploaded by plingthepenguin.

New 8Gb card for the Lumix arrived yesterday, so I took the camera out to the garden for a bit & took a bunch of pictures of things I found. I'm rather pleased with how some of these turned out, but I'm curious about which ones work for other people :) I wonder if anyone who feels inclined could indulge me & tell me which one they liked best - there's about 30, starting here and running to here. (Note there's a couple of close ups of spiders, for those who are bothered by such things!)

This sunflower one is my favourite although I think the focus is very slightly off. Other contenders (for me) were this one (which had the most post-processing), this one (which was one of J's favourites), this one (although the seed is possibly a little indistinct against the background) and this one.

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