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Spod Meet!

Saturday was the first Snowplains meet since the 10th Birthday one back in Feb 2006! Given J had had a hectic few days (work stuff piling up mostly) since we got back from holiday we actually had a lazy start to the morning, despite the imminent drive. We finally got underway around about noon, feeling refreshed & awake (always a good plan!) and had a pretty uneventful drive to the B&B we were staying at. Once checked in there we very briefly met up with Jo & Chris to hand over The Beatles: Rockband bundle that we'd bought for them (when it was on offer) as we weren't that far from their place (relatively speaking). Nice to see them for 15 minutes or so ;) And they gave us a lift to the meet proper - which was held at Niceperson's house. Which is a lovely place in the middle of nowhere (by my city-girl standards, J said it wasn't that remote ;) ) with a huge garden & a bouncy castle! And a bouncy dog, too!

In attendance were me, J, hatter, Cassandra, Hamster, Earlgreytea, Bodule, Corny, Niceperson, Peekaboo, marble, psyche, Alchamist (don't think I missed anyone out!). We were the last people to turn up on Saturday (most people having either got up earlier or had shorter journeys ;) ) - and the barbecue was lit not long after got there. Most of the afternoon & evening was thus spent eating the tasty food people had brought (including tablet from Cass & tablet-like fudge from Hamster! :D ), drinking the tasty drinks people had brought (or eating in the case of the vodka jelly - not that I had any as I can't stand jelly, but J said it was pretty potent), bouncing on the bouncy castle, playing with the bouncy dog, and generally hanging out with cool people :) Once it got properly dark (and it really did get dark there - lots of stars to see) there were even fireworks :)

J and I headed off back to the B&B at midnight or so. I'd looked on googlemaps & seen there was pavement for a chunk of it so figured there'd be street lights, but unfortunately there weren't except for one little bit - I really should've packed a torch! But we got safely back to the B&B and even did a little bit of looking at the stars on the way :)

In the morning we could've gone back but decided that it would actually be a good idea to get the drive over with so J could relax again. Which meant we missed armadillo & Haggis, who showed up for a little at Sunday lunchtime, which was a shame. The drive home was uneventful though & we had a pretty needed chilled out evening at home before the week started, so that was good :)

It was a good meet - nice to meet some new people (and really cool that there's still new people on Snowplains to meet, we're not just the same old faces & names from 10 years ago!). And also nice to see the people we already knew, of course!

Thanks to Bod & Nicey for organising it :)

Always hard to write up events like this - I mean nothing in particular happened, we just hung out with cool people having fun! It was good!
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