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J Watching the Sunrise

J watching the sunrise

I hate writing posts that boil down to "I have a plan, look at it and know you'll be able to mock me later when I don't follow through" ... but that's kinda what this is. So, the plan - find a photo I've taken every so often, 2 weeks? a month? whatever, that I like and have made an attempt to make it good. Stick it on a website, link through to LJ so I have somewhere to put my thinkings about it. And hopefully over time, get better at this photography thing, coz the only way to get better at something is to do it and anyway it gives another on-going thread for my LJ (along with book write-ups, tv write-ups, event write-ups) that I'll find interesting to look back on and will maybe entertain at least some of the audience ;) And just one, just every once in a while, because my natural tendency is to have a hundred variants on a theme in a day & then they all blur together.

So, the original of this is a bit insipid, I thought. Really, I should have waited for the sun to look more like this, and then improved the composition by getting J to stand closer to me (or zooming in). I still liked the picture though, and I've learnt a little bit more about what I can do to enhance photos, so I thought I'd have a little play with this one and see if I could improve it. Not only have I cropped it so there's less spare sky & sand, I've also darkened the sky (quite a lot at the top) and sunrise a bit and lightened the sand & J so it's not as silhouetted. And successfully resisted the urge to tweak it too much, I think. It still should've been shot differently though.
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