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Tomatoes & Stuff

While we were on holiday the only souvenir we bought to bring home was a book of traditional Kefalonian recipes. Most are things I don't think I'll be able to find the ingredients for here (like there's one that calls for the remnants of grapes that have been squeezed to make wine ... and goat & hare aren't meats one frequently (if ever) see in the UK). But there was one that looked plausible, and it also happens to be one of J's favourite dishes that he had when we were there - Overstuffed Tomatoes. The only thing I wasn't sure about was getting large tomatoes, but I spotted the "exotic" greengrocers in town had some earlier in the week. So with only slight trepidation I set to & made them yesterday evening - and they actually turned out really well \o/ I think the rice needed cooked a little more & then I put too much oil on the top of them before they went in the oven, but other than that pretty much perfect. Not bad when following a recipe that was vague in its instructions ("... & sauté gently", well OK but for how long? till it looks like what?) :)

In other news, our Playstation Move controllers arrived on Thursday & the Sports Champion game arrived yesterday :D I was perhaps a little underwhelmed with the demos that came with the controller starter kit, Tumble looked OK but fiddly (J liked that more & has bought the full game), Echochrome II looks good but again fiddly, Start the Party had a very funny bug swatting game but I suspect the novelty would wear off pretty damn quick. However, Sports Champion is awesome - I guess it won't come as a surprise to anyone when I say that my favourite is the sword fighting ;) Pretty tiring tho, but J says I probably don't need to get quite so enthusiastic about it, but it's fun that way :D Archery is also good - it's the one that I've finished the bronze level event on so far, still tiring on the arms but not as all-over knackering at the sword fighting is.

And as it has a Playstation Eye with it as part of the stuff, J & purple are now having a chat on the video chat stuff. Which is kinda crappy video and not all that good audio but I guess maybe if they spent longer tweaking the settings then that might work OK.
Tags: cooking, games, greece, ps3, psmove, sword-fighting

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