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I think I played too much of that sword fighting game on Saturday - I ached so much on Sunday. So much so that I had to give the swinging of invisible swords a miss! :o I did do some archery & bocce (and fail at table tennis) tho. Yesterday I felt up to more & I finished off the bronze cup for Gladiator Duel mode :D It takes a little pic at the end of you posing with your sword (or bow for archery etc) and lets you just keep it, or post it on your facebook wall (the Sports Champions company host the pics tho, not facebook). So I have a very silly pic of me & a fake sword here. I sat & stared at it for a while after I posted it trying to work out what was wrong, coz it just felt subtly not right ... it's mirror-imaged! Looks like I'm holding the sword in my left hand.

And in good news, I don't feel like a woman twice my age today, so I must've judged the amount to play about right \o/

Did my pre-load of Civilization V over the weekend, too - the US release date is today, the worldwide one is Friday. I'm still going to boot into windows later today, just to check & see if I can play yet ;) The manual has been released in advance so I spent a bit of time this weekend reading that and wanting to play the game already, damnit! ;)

We've finally bit the bullet & started to sort out a new hard drive for the PS3 - we've been managing about OK with the 60Gb one that we got with it, with 5-10Gb free most of the time, but were scrabbling around for space a bit this weekend coz of installing several big-ish game demos. So, time to sort it out. The thing that's always been putting us off is that the caddies for the hard drive are notoriously hard to get unscrewed, tales of people stripping the screws and thus failing to get the old drive out or a new one in. So we got marble to tell us where he'd bought a replacement caddy from (some ebay seller), and what we're doing is getting a drive (500Gb, should arrive today) and a caddy (should arrive this week), then we can put new drive in new caddy, and just swap caddies over. Hopefully simple! :)
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