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No zombie hunting last night and Civ V didn't magically unlock on the US release day - I knew it wouldn't, but I still booted into windows & fired up steam just in case. Yes. I'm a sad case, I am.

So, there I was sat in windows wondering what to do with my evening (and looking at my steam games library page) and Torchlight caught my eye. I picked it up cheap before Christmas and then never really got round to playing it any more than half an hour to check it ran. So I started up a new game & actually got quite into it last night (like I need another game in my life right now *sigh* ;) ). It's a Diablo II like game - hack'n'slash RPG, with the R so de-emphasised it doesn't really exist. I deleted my previous character & started over - but I pretty much always play the same sort of char in this sort of game. Whatever the tank-type character is - in this case it's called Destroyer. And I always play said tank the same way ... first he's called Arrrrgh! and if I were roleplaying him he'd be an illiterate barbarian, who does what he's told so long as he gets to hit things. Skillset is always based round Dual Wield, shields are for pussies. The name of the game is - if it moves hit it till it stops. If it doesn't move, hit it again just in case it breaks. Now pick up the loot. Basic character trait is "too stupid to die" ;)

You get a pet in Torchlight, cat, dog or imaginary. I have a cat, called "Meow" (well, what else would this illiterate barbarian call a cat, I ask you?). The cat is probably cleverer than the barbarian (were I roleplaying this) - you can send it back to town on its own to sell off your unwanted loot, so you only have to go back occasionally. And you can feed it fish (which you catch at fishing holes) that turn it into different things (like a spider :o ) or that buff its stats.

I've done one of the storyline missions I think and a small handful of side missions - there's a bard that gets you to kill things so he can sing about them, an "adventurer" who has portals and wants you to get him some artifact from the dungeon each one leads you to, and someone who wants specific bits of ember from specific levels of the dungeon. But mostly I've run at monsters and hit them till they died.

Oh, I almost forgot the most awesomest bit of the pet. You can teach them spells - so I've taught my cat how to summon zombies :D And you get these faintly cute little zombie things that run about (for a couple of minutes) saying things like "braaaaains" and hitting (eating?) your enemies!!
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