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Civ Civ Civ Civ Civ Civ!!

Ahem. Yesterday I pared down all my chores to the absolute bare minimum, including ditching the "write an LJ update" one ... coz it was Civ V unlock day. And then I spent over 6 hours of my afternoon/early evening playing it :D First impressions - oooh, shiny! ;) It's very different graphically & I reckon Civ IV will now look dated (which it didn't when I was playing it a month or so ago). Not that that is all one should judge a game on, but it's always nice having things make a jump ;) I've gone with the default graphics settings so far (I think it tries to guess for your system), but I might push them up a bit later on when I play again - my gfx card stomps all over the rec specs, it's the CPU & mem that are a little low (well within min spec, just not rec spec). Gameplay wise - it's Civ, but not quite the same, and I'm enjoying it a lot. Definitely got that "just one more turn" thing going for it, I only stopped to pander to my other game addiction ;) I'm seeing a lot of commentary elsewhere on the internet (primarily at Realms Beyond) about it being easier & with more flawed AI than Civ IV, and not very well balanced. I suspect that's probably true (as in general I respect the opinions/abilities of the people saying this), but it's also true that I'm nowhere near a hardcore enough player to find that this breaks my enjoyment of the game. I've basically started two games so far - on Warlord difficulty (which is one below the one where you get no bonuses & neither does the AI - that's Prince in this game*). First one I abandoned after a little while - I'd been trying to conquer a city state, and realised how I should've done the troops better (1UPT is not the way I'm used to thinking, and I didn't bring anywhere near enough units to the party either). So rather than try & rescue that game I started over with a new one. Managed some limited warfare somewhat better - I destroyed one of the other civs in the game. Not sure whether I'll go back to that game in a little while (plan there would be to take out France next, then I have a continent to myself & then aim for spaceship victory just coz). Then again, I may start over again, that's often the way I play civ in general - start loads & loads of games, rarely finish one. I like the early game & I can almost always see ways I could've done it better. The one thing that's not in doubt is that I'll be playing a lot of it over the next few weeks ;)

Other stuff - yes, there is other stuff! We got our new hard drive for the PS3 & caddy ... and went to install it on Thursday but discovered the caddy was the wrong sort (our fault, should've opened up the machine before buying a caddy really, but they're so cheap it didn't much matter). Got another one, which arrived this morning, and we've just finished the backup/install/restore dance & now have 368Gb free :D That'll take a while to fill up! (And it was very simple, too - but I wouldn't've wanted to take the original drive out of the original caddy, I did try one of the screws & it was far too tight to undo with any degree of ease.)

J had taken the day off on Thursday, partly so we'd do the hard drive install that didn't happen, and partly coz he was feeling very intolerant of ALL THE WORLD on Weds so a break was a good idea ;) We had a fairly lazy day - went for a tasty lunch at Cafe Basso, did the food shopping (coz otherwise there was nothing to eat in the evening) and got home just as it started to pour with rain. The rest of the day was spent playing various games - I played a lot of Torchlight & a little L4D, J played more Sports Champions & then some Prince of Persia (which he's currently rented from Lovefilm).

And now, it's time for more Civ V :D

*J said this was confusing, so maybe I'll try an explain again a little differently. At Prince you don't get bonuses, neither does the AI. On easier levels (like Warlord) you get bonuses to make things easier for you. On harder levels the AI gets bonuses to make things easier for it & thus harder for you. At least that's how I think it works.
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