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Bookish Plans

Not quite all Civ all the time, but that was definitely the story of my afternoon :)

In the morning I also signed up to two (online) book clubs for next year - I've been enjoying doing calico_reaction's book club for the last few months. Although, having said that, I skipped out on August coz I didn't want to buy the book (not in library), and I am gonna miss the September timeframe for the current one - damn library had 2 copies of the book, one of which they've lost (and they only found out coz I reserved it, I think) and the other is in a box in Sudbury while they renovate the library there, so I'll get it "some time". But despite the last couple of months I'll be starting back up again properly in October (which will be "Feed" by Mira Grant), and using some of my current batch of birthday book tokens to buy the ones I can't get out of the library (like "Feed", I'm sure Waterstones can order it for me, hopefully before the end of October, I should do it on Monday to have the best chance).

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And helpfully both the new ones are planned out in advance, so there'll be fewer last minute scrambles with them (although I can still get sunk by the library being lame, like with the Nalo Hopkinson edited anthology I'm supposed to be reading right now). One is "The Women of Science Fiction" over at Dreams and Speculation, the other is "The Women of Fantasy" at Jawas Read Too. Both of which I originally saw via calico_reaction's LJ, but also got linked from matociquala coz she has a book picked for each challenge (which reminder was the one that actually got me to click through, I kept meaning to look & see if I wanted to read the books then forgetting again, but a "not where I expected it" mention made me finally check). So we'll see how that goes, some books on both lists that I've read before and some that I've had on my radar for a bit but not got round to, and some I've never heard of.

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