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Ceci N'est Pas Un Post

So, I'm desperately searching for something to say this morning that isn't just "and I played Civ V for the whole afternoon, then L4D for dessert" ... the L4D was unexpected? is that interesting? No? Oh well. And I used up the in-lieu-of-content picture already this week.

But yes, I played Civ V all afternoon - if you look at my steam profile you can see I've racked up nearly a full day play time and the game hasn't been out a week yet (here in the UK) :o Which probably isn't entirely good, but it is the first week of release of the new game from my favourite game franchise ever ;) My to-do list has four slots in it during the week for various projects and I've skipped 3 of them to play Civ V this week. But from today, I think I shall get back on with the more improving & interesting things in life again :) And then there will be content.

(Music for this post driven by randomly having the young-Kirk-driving-stepdad's-car scene from the Star Trek reboot film in my head this morning - so Sabotage was going round my brain, drove out the Bagpuss mouse song even!)
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