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I don't like spiders much, give me the creeps & make my skin crawl. But they're actually really neat looking if you look closely - just look at the markings on the back of this guy.


Notes to self: I should probably have waited for a calmer day, out of the couple of dozen photos I took more than half were no good because of focus issues & motion blur when the wind blew the spider around just as I took the photo. And the backgrounds for several were too cluttered even with a short depth of field, this one worked best as it's against the fence. Also, flash plus under-exposed worked so much better than no flash & normal exposure.

And what was with all the spiders facing downwards on the day I went out to photograph them? I think it'd be a better photo if it was crawling up the frame! Flipping it 180° didn't work, there seem to be enough cues in the blurry fence for it to look upside down.
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