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Beer Festival :)

This week is the big annual beer festival in Ipswich, and we went for a few drinks last night. We normally go on the Thursday coz there's no "entertainment" provided, but this year it also worked out rather well coz we're busy tonight & tomorrow & Weds is TV night. Seemed a bit like the place was full of BT people - first person we bumped into was J's boss's boss, then one of the other guys J works with who we talked to for a while. And there were a whole bunch of other people that J recognised as having seen on site, and once Jonathan joined us he pointed out other people he recognised too.

We didn't go nuts with the beers, given we're out this evening too that seemed like it would be unwise ;) The theme was West Country beer, and most of the beers upstairs were from there. There was also a small selection of German beers & 37 different ciders or perries, and downstairs another bar with local beers. Between us we had:

  • Branscombe Vale Summa That
  • Cotleigh Buzzard
  • Dartmoor IPA
  • Devon Earth Lost in the Woods
  • Exe Valley Bitter
  • O'Hanlons Original Port Stout
  • Penpont St. Nonnas
  • Ramsbury Hell's Highway
  • Red Rock Dark Ness
  • St Austell Black Prince
  • Summerskills Cellar Vee
  • Adnams Ghost Ship
  • Mill Green Hedgerow Porter
  • Augustiner Helles Lagerbier
  • Beck Bräu Affumicator
  • Shlenkerla Rauchbier-Märzen

I think my favourite was the Black Prince - a rather nice mild. And the most unique was the Rauchbier-Märzen which was a very smoky German beer, that tasted like a cross between smoked sausages & beer (and was actually really rather tasty). The Affumicator was recommended as a similar replacement to Jonathan coz they'd run out of the Rauchbier-Märzen, but whilst still smoky it wasn't quite as good.
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