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A pretty much free weekend for a change - nothing major planned in advance. Just as well, coz I think November's starting to look busy (tho not everything is actually planned or organised yet).

J got a bee in his bonnet on Saturday about how there's piles of Stuff everywhere in the house (there's not really, but one's on his desk so he feels like he can't escape from them ;) ) so we spent the morning actually putting some of said stuff in boxes. Which are now in the boxroom and out of the way. But as most of it came off shelves (or from our bedroom floor) it hasn't made the house look much tidier for visitors - it does mean there are more gaps into which I can put some of the more visible stuff though ;) And we put the side back on the bath, finally. It's not totally fixed, but it's as fixed as it's getting without gutting the bathroom & starting over. And Sunday we even put the suitcases back up in the loft, so the spare room is again actually usable as somewhere for guests to sleep :)

We did go out on Sunday afternoon, too. Went round to Jonathan & Becky's to see their new house & have a coffee & chat for a while. And to fling cushions at their children - it was all the kids' fault, they started it! ;) We should meet up with them more often, they (still) don't live that far away and yet we don't see them very often at all. (The kids have got startlingly older since last time we properly met them ... ).
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