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Shopping & Stuff

So, Rock Band 3 is out in the States today & not over here till Friday so my copy hasn't even shipped. Waaaaaaah! <Insert pouty over-endowed-with-a-sense-of-entitlement whine here> ;)

And now that's over with, umm, what else shall I tell you about? Went into town yesterday to do grocery shopping & thought I'd pick up some chopping boards coz mine are frankly past their best (I bought cheap, intending them to be semi-disposable). But there weren't any that were quite what I wanted (I guess I'm fussy?), so I didn't buy them. Guess I'll get cheaptastic ones again but by the time I got back to Wilkinsons (where the cheap ones reside) I'd bought enough in Marks & Sparks that I didn't have room to carry the chopping boards ;)

The clothes shopping was actually mostly virtuous - I even only went in coz I was looking for chopping boards. And I talked myself out of the £45 cardigan I wasn't quite sure enough about. Picked up polo shirts & socks for J, new slippers for both of us (in each case practically identical to the old slippers, only still intact), and a skirt for me (that's the non-virtuous bit - it's dark purple cord, how could I resist?).

Zombie hunting yesterday evening too! Think I'd only played once since last Monday - dnky managed to damage one of his fingers sufficiently that he couldn't play games, so I'd been short of fellow hunters. Did mean I got lots of Civ V time in, but I was beginning to miss shooting things!
Tags: games, l4d, pc, ps3, rb3, shopping
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