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RIP Gill Nicholls

I got an email from my father yesterday telling me that Gill, my brother's godmother, had died yesterday morning, which was sad news. I think the most recent picture I have of her is here, talking to Alan (my brother's godfather, who passed away earlier this year) at my wedding, and I wish we'd taken a photo or two when we saw her last Christmas. She & her husband (who died several years ago) were a part of the essential routine of Christmas Day when I was growing up - they'd always come round at tea-time (when we'd have wine & shortbread, not tea & cake - well, the adults did, us kids had orange juice). Tho we didn't just see them at Christmas - I can remember going to parties at their house, the vicarage in Littlemore, and when you went in the front door the parrot had his perch facing the door and obviously he had to be greeted properly, just like the people in the house. Somehow, David & Gill were the sort of people who would have a parrot, tho I am probably biased in that they are the people I knew as a kid who did have a parrot :) I remember both of them as larger than life, people who laughed a lot and always seemed to fill up the room. I've got some jewellery Gill gave me as Christmas presents, and it too is big & bold & noticeable.

(And I recently discovered that David has a wikipedia page, one of those slightly disconcerting moments when you discover the adults in your childhood memories are people outside of how you remember them.)
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