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Fireworks! :)

We went out to the big fireworks display in Ipswich last night, for the first year in aaaaaaages. I think last time we went we went with Gary, who we haven't seen since his wedding several years ago and the fireworks were a few years before that! We'd decided to make a bit of an evening of it, so we headed off to Mizu (our local Wagamamas clone) for dinner beforehand. It seemed like quite a lot of people had had the same idea, the staff seemed astonished how busy it was at ~6pm. Then after some tasty noodles we headed up to Christchurch Park. We talked about stopping for a drink first, as we had a while before the display, but in the end decided we'd rather head up & look round the funfair & stuff. We should've gone for the drink, really - the funfair was a bit of a let down. No rides for adults - just a few wee roundabout things, and some wee bouncy castles for the little people. And a bunch of stalls of the "fling things at stuff to win stuff" variety. So instead we went to stand about where there would be a good view of the fireworks, but sufficiently far away from the stage that we didn't have to hear much of the Robbie-Williams-alike ...

The fireworks themselves were ace :D About 15 minutes of pretty, pretty explosions to oooh & ahhh at. They had it set to music - mostly generic rock. J just about restrained himself from clapping his hands over his ears when a little bit of "Knock knock knockin' on heaven's do-owh-owh-owh-owh-owhrrrrrr" came on ;) I didn't take the camera, I figured I'd spend too much time trying to get photos & too little time just grinning like a 5 year old at the spectacle!

Getting out of the park afterwards involved very slowly walking in the middle of a Great Big Crowd of people towards one of the exits. I guess not many people were hanging about for the Take-That-alikes they had as the after-display entertainment ;) We didn't come out of quite the same gate as we came in from, so I was a little confused about precisely where we were ... at least J has a decent sense of direction. And as it turned out, I would've headed in the right direction, so it would've been alright in the end ;) And we walked past The Dove on the way home, so popped in for a pint there :)

A good evening!
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