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Beer Festival

Yesterday involved a trip to the Winter Beer Festival at the Dove :) We headed up latish afternoon, with the plan that we might do some useful things during the day first, but that didn't really happen - instead there was a fair bit of ps3 gaming happened first ;) As always by Saturday afternoon several of the beers had already sold out - every time we think we should go earlier in the week, but it's not really convenient to go out on Weds or Thurs evening if J's working the next day.

Between us we drank:

  • Derventio Standard Bearer - J
  • Elgoods North Brink Porter - M (fairly sure I've had this before, quite a coffee-y one)
  • Grainstore Ratcliffe's Stout - J
  • Idle Brewery Black Abbot - M
  • Warwickshire Moustache Ale - M (picked entirely on the basis of the name as it amused me, quite a nice beer)
  • Wolf Timber Wolf - J (this was very flavourful)
  • Rudgate Ruby Mild - J
  • Elgoods Cambridge Bitter - M (again, chosen on the basis of the name)
  • Great Heck Yorkshire Pale Ale - J (Yorkshire beers were as northern as he could get)
  • Mauldons Black Adder - M (this is almost always on at the Dove, but I rarely drink it - I should do, it's a rather nice stout)
  • Railway Tavern Crab N Winkle Mild - M (full bodied mild it said & it wasn't kidding, tbh not that fond of it)
  • Sadlers Stumbling Badger - J (very nice bitter)
  • Westons Raspberry Twist - M (cider with raspberries, I've liked raspberry beers I've tried in the past, so thought I'd give this cider a go - very drinkable, tho I found the more cidery aftertaste a bit odd after the sweetness of the raspberries)
  • Mulled Wine - J (we were sat near one of the heating things in the tent but I think J was still feeling the cold, so had a nice warming drink to finish up)

Then home, via the nearest Chinese takeaway, for an evening of zombie hunting (for me) and pacman (for J) :)

An afternoon well worth braving the cold for! :)
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