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Ongoing Projects & Such

I was going to post this after I'd done a review post of last year, but as that's taking longer to write than anticipated I figured this one could come first. It's not a list of what I'd like to do this year, more of a taking stock of where things are and where they're going. And it's in no particular order, just what came to mind.

  • Taking photos
    • working out how to properly use the new camera
    • posting a picture every week or two died a death fairly early on, need to find something that works - something that keeps me taking photos and makes me critically look at them to find something I like enough to post
  • Sorting photos
    • I'm about half-way through the Egypt holiday in tagging photos (working backwards from "now") and after that it'll get quicker
    • still no idea how I'll be doing albums either in terms of software (tho I may just use what we already have) or in terms of choosing pics

Egypt Related
  • Holiday webpage
    • typed up my diary, halfway through J's
    • need to sort out which photos, this can happen while J reads through my typing up of his diary
    • colour scheme? layout? all that sorta detail
  • writing mini-articles is probably on hiatus until after I've actually finished the holiday page
    • next subject is probably Sneferu or Sekhmet

  • this has been on hiatus for over a year, very bad of me, the problem is always knowing where to start & what to work on as there's so much of it
  • data organisation
    • finish getting the data I have in gramps into ancestry too
    • photos need associating with people/places
    • webpages? have some stuff done for my side. Ditto I typed up something for one bit of J's side (printout not web). Needs some coherency (much like the punctuation in this post ;) ).
  • J's side:
    • his father's mother's people are where I was working, continue on with that
    • 1911 census is out and starting to appear on ancestry (I think), all the previously known people need to be found on that
    • haven't even touched his mother's family
  • my side:
    • was working on my father's father's people, continue on with that
    • at least make sure I've got everything I know about the other 3 grandparent's families in the database, then work on them

  • Longest running project ever, particularly for one with no actual output yet! My parents have over 20 years of data from a weather station in their garden (initially read by me & my brother, latterly by my parents themselves), and I keep thinking graphs would be good. This started with hand drawn ones more than 20 years ago, and has progressed through several iterations of trying to find a decent computerised solution.
  • work out how to do it
    • data entry is easiest in a spreadsheet for workflow I think (this is for me, your mileage may vary etc, but that doesn't matter)
    • output that as a csv? read into a database? cgi script to produce web-friendly graphs?
  • actually do it

Reading Things
  • Read more non-fiction than last year (which I think totalled 3 books, maybe 4, I'll know when I've done my list)
    • read the books closer together, rather than having big gaps inside a book and taking 6 months for a book
  • I'm in 3 blog book clubs this year, which should mostly keep me going for fiction and make sure it's pretty varied (within the general SF umbrella anyway).
  • write up reviews more quickly - I've been leaving them till the day I'm going to post them which isn't always the day after I finish the book, and it'd be good to have some pre-written LJ posts anyway to use when I have no time to sit & write.
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