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Pete's Birthday Party

Rock Band!, originally uploaded by plingthepenguin.

Last night we went round to Pete's for his birthday do - where there was much beer & cider & food & people & rock band! Fun :) Very small handful of photos up on flick/facebook - this one of Pete & Gareth and another of Gareth singing, also Alkesh and Gareth treating the cider with varying amounts of respect ;) My god the quality of my phone camera photos is obnoxiously bad. I'd found the zoom control for the first time, I'm guessing that wasn't a good idea.

And I managed a show off moment at the end of the evening by still being able to pull off a track on expert guitar despite being really quite pickled by that point ;) (One of the easiest ones, and I only barely managed, but hey, I felt good about it ;) ).

A good evening, thanks to Pete for inviting us :)

Tags: phone, photos, social
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