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Miscellany with Books

Yesterday morning the discussion posts for two of the bookclubs I'm following hit (the third arrived overnight last night), so I used all my thinking-of-writing and writing-things time up posting stuff in those. Well, mostly in the discussion about "Dust", which seems to have got inside my head in a way I didn't realise till I started talking to other people about it. I've got a firm sense of "how it is" which isn't something that often happens with books for me, more often even with books I enjoy they don't have quite such a sense of solidity. So now I've gone to amazon & ordered "Chill" (2nd in the trilogy) and pre-ordered "Grail" (the final book). And while I was at it I got the other Elizabeth Bear book that J had tried to buy me for Christmas 2009 ("Hell & Earth") but the UK branch of amazon took 11 months to tell us they couldn't send it and I'd not quite got round to ordering it from the US branch of amazon till yesterday.

I've had less to say in the discussion for The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, partly because I read it back in November and partly because I've got more "meh" about it since I finished it. I feel a little bad about that, because I'm gonna skip next month in that bookclub too - the book is "Elfland" by Freda Warrington, and it's not in the library and I just don't feel interested enough to buy it. I need to get my act together and get March's book I think. I also didn't have all that much to say about "The Curse of Chalion" that I hadn't already said, but in that case it was more because I'd just reviewed it and said what I wanted to say.

In other, less highbrow, news I've got sucked into a facebook game, which is a little embarassing really ;) Project Legacy is the Assassin's Creed one, I've not looked at any of the PVP stuff (and probably never will) but the bit I have been playing gives more insight into the Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood storyline. You basically do busy-work clicking on things & waiting for points to regenerate (as with all these games), but are rewarded with little tidbits of story. Some of the characters are the ones in the multiplayer for AC:B (which I recognise as J's been playing that a lot recently), and there's stuff about other artifacts. And the whole suck-you-in-and-keep-you-clicking thing works, even if you know it's what they're doing!
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