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Yesterday I did quite a lot of thesis work. I finished off the reworking of my Discussion and checked over the last results chapter that Vera hasn't seen yet. And I did some stuff to a paper we're planning on submitting soon. Then I just sat and did Paint by Numbers puzzles for the rest of the day.

Well not quite - we had something interesting for dinner. We try to cook nice or new things (or both of course) for dinner at the weekend coz during the week it can devolve into just pasta and some stir in sauce. So we had Chiang Mai Noodles last night - this was a recipe on the back of a Sharwood's Noodles pack, and was basically stir-fried chicken and peas and noodles in a Thai Red Curry sauce (jar of Sharwood's stuff). And it was nice :) Saturday night's experiment was a little less successful - we had bought some Chilli Noodles (Blue Dragon ones) and there was a recipe on the back of that packet too. Unfortunately it required Mango juice, which we couldn't find in Tescos :( So as we don't know what Mango juice tastes of we decided to go for something completely different and replace it with chicken stock and oyster sauce. It was a beef dish, and it was quite nice in the end - but we weren't that keen on the spicy noodles. I've made some spicy noodles in the past (coated in sauce rather than the chilli in the actual noodle), and they were nicer than these ones.

We stayed up till about midnight last night - which was neither a good idea, nor the plan. And then I managed to wake up needing the loo about half an hour before the alarm went off and couldn't get back to sleep, so I really didn't get much sleep. I felt startling awake, except that I've been unable to concentrate on anything for any length of time all day.

So I did paperworky type stuff as much as possible, and started to sort out the formatting of the paper we're gonna submit. Discovered that you can save slides as TIFFs from powerpoint 2000 (and maybe others, but I was using 2000) so that saved a lot of fannying around (the journal requires the images in a particular selection of formats).

And now I'm half asleep so should be going to bed (and, indeed, should've gone about an hour ago).

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