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Books & Genealogy Noodlings

I'm starting to slip a bit with the entry-every-day thing, skipped a couple of weekends. Need to get back on top of that really, otherwise I'll stop altogether & I'm enjoying having the entries there to look back on. I had intended to write things as backup stuff that could just be dropped in on days when I felt there were other things I'd rather be doing than typing - but they'll mostly be book reviews and I've not been reading that much recently, too many other things competing for my attention.

On that note, I've got quite the stack of stuff built up to read - I want to finish my current chapter in the history book I'm reading before I move on to the fiction, but that may have to slip because there's a couple of book club books to read by the end of the month. The current "to be read heap" beside my desk is: "Fledgling" by Octavia Butler (Feb book club); "The Disposessed" by Ursula Le Guin (Feb book club); "The Knife of Never Letting Go" by Patrick Ness (Mar book club); "So Long Been Dreaming" eds. Nalo Hopkinson & Uppinder Mehan (last Nov book club but the library couldn't get it to me on time); "Far North" by Marcel Theroux (saw a review, looked neat); "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss (saw a review of the book after in the series, looked neat); "Chill" by Elizabeth Bear (sequel to "Dust"); "Hell & Earth" by Elizabeth Bear (should've been part of my xmas pressie form J in 09, but amazon failed to get it to me on time). I have yet to source the other two March book club books (may skip the fantasy one again, but I've skipped it this month so feel I should make more of an effort next month :/ ), and we just bought the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson coz they were in a 3 for 2 offer in town.

To be honest, it's all fiction and I read fiction fast, so I definitely have time to get on top of the Feb ones by end Feb, and start on the March ones and even read some of the others that don't have deadlines. I just have to take the time to read a few days, rather than the other things I also want to do. Other things are including having got back into my genealogy research - two threads on-going there at the moment. The first is the Candys (who marry into the Stewarts in ~1860) and the Addisons (who marry into the Candys in ~1830), and the other is looking at my great-grandad on the Stewart side's life post 1920ish. Various emails on that subject flying around between me & my Dad & one of my uncles - I think we've found a plausible death in Canada in '59 (great-grandma came home to Scotland with children in tow, great-grandad stayed out there). And possibly the passenger info for great-grandma sailing out to Canada in the first place. Next step there is getting hold of copies of the original records, rather than relying on the transcribed & indexed ones.
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