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Further Adventures in Plumbing, and Other Broken Things (With an Aside About Indiana Jones)

I meant to post yesterday lunchtime, but instead we had an emergency trip out to Focus and the flap surrounding that quite put me out of the mood for writing stuff, instead I played some games :)

So - the outside tap has been dripping for a bit, and it's been on our list of things that should get sorted, but it wasn't a bad drip and we're not on metered water so it was low priority. Yesterday it was more of a trickle - and then while we were sorting out the leaves in the drain next to it we turned the tap on a bit to wash off the drain grill thing. And the tap wouldn't turn off even as much as it had done before, eek! Had to switch the water off, then head off to try & get something to cap it. Came back with 3 options - 2 sizes of cap (one too large, one too small ... I did measure it, so I knew they weren't gonna work, but hope springs eternal or something ...) and a new hose fitting (the old one was broken) so that worst case we could have the water going down the drain. The gun-thing at the end of the hose seems to be mostly holding it now, and in all the faffing about trying to fit things and turn it off we've managed (I think) to slow the leak back down to a drip, got that extra 1/8th turn or something. Plumber called out for Friday to fix that and the bit inside the house where you ought to be able to turn it off at a screw valve but the head of the screw is too knackered to turn (which has been on the list of things to get sorted for over a year, and if we had got it fixed then we could've put off the tap more, oh well).

Thank goodness J was working from home yesterday and we could go panic buy stuff as easily as that.

While at Focus we popped into Bennetts and picked up a replacement coffee machine. On Sunday we noticed something white and squidgy poking out of where the water comes through in our previous coffee machine ... we're not quite sure if it was something that should be there but was degrading or something that shouldn't be there (and we couldn't remove it all anyway short of breaking the machine into pieces). I would rather think it was something that should be there... the alternative is less pleasant :o And anyway, the permanent filter was a bit knackered, and the hinge for access to the water tank and coffee filter was a bit broken too. Time for a replacement rather than faff about. So now we have a new one, without the espresso making side coz we haven't used that in years.

While we were there we looked at ovens, too. But there wasn't much selection. What was there looked like they were all much the same size as each other (within millimetres anyway), but no nearer to deciding what to buy. I feel like I need to make up my mind soon tho, just in case it properly breaks too!

Yesterday's entry wasn't going to be about broken things though - it was going to note that this was mine & J's 15th Valentine's Day together. So we watched Indiana Jones & the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Which I'd never seen before - I saw the most recent Indiana Jones film in the cinema, and again at Christmas, but I've not seen any of the others. J was convinced I must have seen bits, how could I miss them given how much it's a part of pop culture from our youth. But no, that was a completely new film to me. The experience of seeing it after the Crystal Skull one was actually quite surreal - I had a lot of moments of "oh so that scene in that film was a homage to this one in this film", and seeing how Marion got to not be particularly bad-ass in the first one (except out drinking the Nepalese guy) was a surprise after seeing her being a much more capable woman in the fourth one. I guess "in world" you say she grew up ... in our world tho it's all about the times having changed (thankfully!) since the early 80s ;) And I spent almost the whole film saying "but why do people complain about the fridge when there's this bit??" ;) We talked a bit about the endings of the two afterwards - J had said after we saw the fourth one that he didn't think the ending was as good ... and I think we came to the conclusion that it's because at the end of film 1 you still don't have many answers, what is the Ark? What was it for? Why'd it do that? So you can make up what you want or revel in the sense of mystery depending on taste. But at the end of film 4 you've got a lot more answers, which actually feels less satisfying and ever so slightly lame.
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