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Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip "Angles"

(Video picture quality unfortunately not very good, sound is fine except for the rude words being censored out, but this was the best one I found - my youtube-fu is weak.)

I got earwormed by "Thou Shalt Always Kill" off this album over the weekend when matociquala used a line from it as an LJ entry title - when I say "hey", thou shalt not say "ho" - and spent Monday listening to it on repeat (except for a brief pause to listen to a podcast which included a new song from The Unthanks). It's almost always "Thou Shalt Always Kill" that gets me to listen to the album, but once I'm there I remember how many of the other songs I really like so stick with it for a few goes round.

This album for me is all about the words - not the music at all. Well, I suppose I don't quite mean that - I think of it as a figure/ground thing, and it's a spectrum that runs from not paying attention to the words at all (if they're even present) through to barely noticing the music. An example of the other end of the spectrum for me is Niyaz "Niyaz" where the words aren't even in English most of the time, so I can't understand them, but it's still a great album. "Angles" wouldn't work the way it does without the music and the beat, it's needed to give the words their pace & impact, but it's the words that make me like the songs.

For some of the songs it's the turns of phrase in the lyrics that I like the most - lines like well good God damn and other such phrases, haven't heard a beat like this in ages from "The Beat That My Heart Skips", almost everything in "Thou Shalt Always Kill" (When I say he say she say we say make some noise ... kill me) or I ain't an alcoholic, I just drink a lot, I ain't a genius, I just think a lot from "Development", or you might say I'm keeping it surreal but ... I'd rather you didn't from "Waiting for the Beat to Kick In". The delivery helps, of course, some of those don't look as smile-worthy written down as they are in the song.

Then there's the songs with a story that packs an emotional punch - the two that always get me are the title track, "Angles", and "Magician's Assistant". And on this set of listens bits of "Tommy C" too. Or that say something to me on a different level - in this life you can be oh-so-smart or oh-so-pleasant, I've been smart; I recommend pleasant and how hard is it to decide to be in a good mood and then ... just Be In A Good Mood from "Waiting for the Beat to Kick In". Obviously not universally applicable, some things in any life are worth getting worked up about, but when I'm getting wound the fuck up by petty little shit then it's always a good idea to take a step back and try just being in a good mood.
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