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Food, Food, Food!

Trying to cook more new things & more variety of food this last couple of months - actually managed two new meals in the last week, both from the Jamie Oliver book.

First (on Monday) was "Tray Baked Chicken, Squashed Potatoes, Creamed Spinach, Strawberry Slushie", which actually have reasonable names, too! Verdict = good, will definitely eat again. I failed with the potatoes to actually squash them (probably have to cook them a bit longer/cut them smaller), but they were tasty anyway. And the spinach tasted sufficiently unlike spinach to be OK for J and sufficiently unlike cream to be OK for me, so that was an unexpected win ;) The strawberry slushie would also do nicely as a party drink with a decent slug of vodka in it.

And then yesterday I did the "Pregnant Jools's Pasta, Crunch Chicory & Watercress Salad, Little Frangipane Tarts", and we're back to dumb names. The pasta tasted good tho, very good - sausage-y tomato-y not-quite-bolognaise sauce. And the frangipane tarts were also tasty, and even tho I couldn't get pre-made pastry cases for them they still weren't that much effort (I did get pre-made shortcrust pastry, just had to roll it out and cut it myself). Actually all round this one was easy, I think I could've done it in the 30 mins if I hadn't a) had to make pastry cases and b) accidentally put out the gas ring under the pasta when it bubbled over then not noticed for a while (didn't gas us out, thankfully, just wasn't heating the water any either). Salad was a bit meh tho, didn't end up with any watercress in, coz the ingredients called for rocket+watercress mix and I could only get either that plus spinach (and J's not all that keen) or rocket "salad" mix. And it ended up the sort of green salad both J and I don't much like, and the DIY dressing was just a faff. So another time I shall do a tomato salad I think, with my normal salad dressing already in the bowl with it :)

Other meals were old favourites or cheats ;) Takeaway on Saturday, post-afternoon-pub-trip, that was the biggest cheat and chicken tikka masalla from a Patak's curry paste jar on Thursday was the other (not as much of a cheat as a cook-in sauce, but nearly). Roast beef for Sunday dinner and the pasta for Wednesday night were the no-recipe old-favourites, and lemon chicken for Tuesday night which is one of the first two recipes I got out of my Chinese cookery book probably 15 years ago ...
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