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23 February 2011 @ 04:13 pm
Plumbing, Fake Plastic Guitars & Stereos, Oh My!  
Garden tap now fixed \o/ Plumber came out last Friday and got it to go off enough to leave, then replaced it yesterday and put a proper lever handle thing on the pipe inside to turn it off over winter :) That was pretty painless, wasn't even that expensive.

Just as well, really, the breaking things thing continues ... we discovered over the w/e that we're down to one working Rock Band guitar (plus the pro-guitar but that's not really suitable for the normal 5 lane mode). The Rock Band 1 one we still had is dead as the proverbial door nail, wouldn't switch on even once we put fresh batteries in. The Gretsch Beatles one is now actually unplayable - the fret buttons had been dodgy for a while (flickering on/off and dropping on out sustains) but now they don't stay on even as long as needed to play a note reliably. So there's the Hoffner & there's something a bit screwed up with the strum bar on that - still playable atm, but not good.

You'd think it'd be easy to get a replacement - there's the new Rock Band 3 instruments, and unlike the RB2 ones they actually got released over here. But no! J ordered one off play and it's sat in limbo - awaiting stock, should ship sometime. I ordered one off some reseller on amazon ... and it said it shipped, but now they've refunded coz it "failed its final quality inspection." which I guess means when they said it had been dispatched they were lying *rolls eyes*. Not impressed by that. No more on amazon. I've ordered one from Mad Catz direct today (that failed at the w/e their store wasn't accepting payments ...) and apparently they were in stock there so we'll see. I remember from ordering the pro-guitar that they aren't big on informative shipping notices or anything (i.e. I was pleasantly surprised to get an order confirmation email this time round), so I anticipate that it might just show up, sometime soon.

Also ordered ourselves an iPod dock thing. Primarily to use to put music on while we go to sleep - the stereo in the bedroom is slowly dying. I'm not as annoyed about this breaking, it's done pretty damn well - 18 years of use since I bought it. One of the first "big" things I bought when I got my own income (in my year out before uni). And it's only dying, not dead - just doesn't always find track 1 on a CD, you can start from track 2 normally and rewind back to near the beginning of track 1 fine, which is tedious but works. So it almost feels disloyal replacing it! But a new more portable thing will be good - can put it in the kitchen too where we don't have a stereo but sometimes it would be nice to have music in there if J's playing a game in the living room while I'm cooking. And we can take it with us when we go visit people and places. And if it sounds a bit like I'm justifying this to myself, well that's coz I am a bit ;) Coz it does feel disloyal to replace my trusty old stereo ;)
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