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Not dead! The last week or so got busy and used up a lot of my mental energy - not particularly on the same things - and LJ posts were the thing that slipped. So I've a bunch of catchup-type posts to write over the next few days. Loosely these will be (if they all get written): this generic one, one about our British Museum trip plus the Essex Egyptology Group meeting, one about the books I've read, one about the TV I've watched, and probably a separate one linking to photos from the BM trip.

So this is mostly a collection of miscellaneous bits & pieces that don't fit in anywhere else.

As Tuesday was Pancake Day we went round to Ed & Tash's for pancakes & drinks :) This is our traditional way of celebrating pancake day (well, they/he normally visit us but as Tash is pregnant and needing lots of sleep we went there for the evening). And thus Wednesday morning was lost in hangover-land as might be expected ;) It was a good evening, tho, worth the hangover :)

One of the things that ended up taking more time than I'd really expected was my turnset in the Crusader Kings succession game I'm playing - partly it took up more time because I was being more careful and paying more attention while I was playing than I would for a single player game. And partly coz it does take a while to write up and edit the screenshots for that sort of thing, and I underestimated as well as it falling on a busy week. (Thread here; my turnset posts here, here and here.)

Census form arrived in the post - interesting to look at (haven't filled it in yet, will do soon probably online). It includes a rather curious definition of "room" (why do bathrooms not count? is it really significant that my house has one less "room" than my attached neighbour's because two of ours are knocked into one?), and I'm surprised by their interest in our central heating as one of the few things that they specifically ask about the house. Compared to the censuses I've looked at for genealogical stuff (ie 1841-1901) the relationships of the household bit of the form is very very thorough. And you're asked your date of birth not age. Of course thinking of my own census filling-in reminds me how little the censuses really tell us about our ancestors - if you only have info from the census data then you'd think that over the last 30 years I've only lived in two different towns in 2 different households (Oxford with my parents and brother (1 address) in 1981 and 1991; Ipswich (2 different addresses) married to J in 2001 and 2011). But between 1991 and 2001 you can add another 3 towns, which includes 1 house I lived as a lodger, 1 house share, 1 college student accommodation and 1 house I lived in with my ex. And pre-1981 we lived somewhere else in Oxford (which won't be caught on any censuses because my parents weren't living there in 1971 (and in fact weren't married then either). Obviously compared to some people's lists that's still not a lot of places to have lived, but it's still a fair amount to be invisible.
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