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Random thought that's longer than 140 characters, but would otherwise probably go on identica/twitter/facebook:

I forget, very quickly, how good listening to music on headphones is. Normally I listen to stuff on the stereo while I'm at the pc or in the kitchen or whatever, so I don't get the proper stereo effect or even enough volume half the time (oh the woes of not having a detached house ;) ). And that way I miss out on stuff like the initial beat on Blue Monday kicking in in my lower jaw somewhere, and some neat right---->left swooshing stuff.

Also: I need to get my playlists (all 4 of them) into my normal music player (on J's computer, hooked up to the stereo) coz I only listen to them when I'm listening to music through headphones (on my computer) while he watches a film and I'm not playing games.
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