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Micro-Adventure: Beach Trip!

Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny day, far too nice for J to want to stay in the office all day - so he took the afternoon off & we headed off to the beach :D

It didn't start auspiciously, to be honest - the car wouldn't start (it did later, still dunno what was wrong), so instead of driving to Aldeburgh we went to Plan B and walked down to the station to get a train to Felixstowe instead. Not only did J get blisters off his sandals on the walk, but we also missed the train by about 5 minutes (having had no idea when the trains were & there's only one an hour ...). So we kinda hung out at the station for a while.

Ipswich Railway Station   Ipswich Railway Station

(These photos are all fairly heavily processed - I've recently stumbled across a newly started forum for photographers (CafeTogs). It seems a nice friendly place to post photos/talk to people about photos :) And I've been playing around a lot more with processing the photos I've taken, inspired by stuff other people have posted.)

But after that poor start, the afternoon improved :)

First stop once we got to the beach was to buy an ice-cream! :) Then down to the sea for a paddle:

J on the Beach   J on the Beach

Followed by some basking in the sun. I was a little surprised how empty the beach was - sure, it was a working day, but the schools had kicked out by the time we got there so I was expecting more kids around.

Beach   Beach   Beach   Beach   Beach   Monument

Then a walk along the waterfront, before settling in for a nice pint of Spindrift in one of the pubs :)


All in all a lovely summer's afternoon trip to the beach :)
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