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End of Christmas

Took the Christmas decorations down yesterday, which always seems a little sad. And makes the front room look bare & empty (which it is so not). And is mildly irritating, coz part of the point of an artificial tree is that it doesn't shed needles everywhere, but I still find myself hoovering up lots of artificial shed needles ;)

So I cheered myself up by teasing the cat a bit - he's fascinated by the tree box, but can't figure out how to get in it by himself (the overlapping flaps at the top defeat his tiny little mind). After a bit of amusement just watching him try & get in I waited till he settled on the top of the box, then slooooooowly opened first one flap then the other - gotta give him time to adjust to the new conformation of the box for the first one, then he thought he'd be able to do the same trick second time and dropped into the box *giggle* Not too mean, coz I let him sit in there for a while & hide & feel pleased with himself before I turfed him out to put the tree in it :)

He got revenge later by getting up on the dining table and nearly into one of the hampers we got for Christmas before I caught him. Had to donate a box we brought glasses back from J's parents' place in as a new toy for him to keep him out of mischief.
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