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Thoughts From a Week Spent Sorting Clothes (& Shoes & Jewellery)

Day 1: Oh weird, there's an uncanny valley for shoes! Inspired by the 5 pairs of black shoes in very similar styles spanning the last couple of decades ... the 20 year old pair were almost, but not quite, back in fashion.

Day 2: Woah, how many pairs of black socks does one woman need ... particularly a woman who hasn't worn black socks in over 5 years ... and So what sort of idiot ladders a pair of tights then washes them & puts them back in the drawer?? This was an easy day, if it had holes in it went in the bin.

Day 3: Hey, when did the Ugly Fairy visit those jumpers? Seriously, those were some of my favourite jumpers, over 10 years ago, how come they look so appalling now? But on the flip side, the other thought was So why were these in the "unlikely to wear" drawer? as I discovered a couple of perfectly good t-shirts, amongst other things.

Day 4: Ooooh, that still fits, can't fling it now can I? and My god, the Ugly Fairy went to town on these blouses! So I still have some dresses I'm unlikely to wear (tho some might do nicely as tunic tops these days), but on the flip side I finally had enough space to hang up a bunch of tops (some of which I'd forgotten I owned).

Day 5: So, how'm I going to organise this lot, I'll just clean this necklace while I think ... *time passes* ... wonder when I last cleaned it, if I ever did? ... *time passes* ... you know, this is really fiddly, wish I hadn't started ... *time passes* OK, I'm going to go sit down while I do this and help J with the crossword ... *time passes* It's a silver chain choker, about half a cm wide, and once I'd started cleaning round every link I kinda had to carry on. Took ages tho, but I did get it clean and all the jewellery organised in the end. Pretty much none of that is being got rid of, either - there is some stuff I'll likely never wear, but generally there's some sentimental value to it like who it was a present from (for example my Grandma).

In the end, I managed to get rid of 4 bin bags worth of utterly unwearable stuff (generally structurally unsound), and about half as much again to go to charity (structurally sound, just I won't wear it). Also, I now know I have 57 t-shirts with band logos on, pretty much all bought at gigs. That seems a little OTT, but I bet I still buy a shirt at the merch desk of the next gig I go to ;)

And all my clothes fit in the available space, and we can see the top of the dressing table again. Not bad :)
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