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Tedium galore. Watched someone explode at someone else coz the second one borrowed something from the first one's bench without asking explicit permission first. The first did, apparently, apologise later.

And that was about the most exciting bit of the day ;)

Finished the assay for the visitor I had yesterday - and it seems to have worked, which is a Good Thing.

Wore my Geek Girl t-shirt to work for the first time, and got lots of funny looks and a couple of comments along the lines of 'why wear that'. Then bumped into the lass who used to be our IT support person in the dept, and she said 'Cool t-shirt' straight off. Think I'm culturally a little out of step with my cow-orkers ;)

Oh, and it's toooo hot here. Dunno what the actual temperature is, but it's sticky and hot and unpleasant - and I don't tend to wear shorts or sandals to the lab (not the wisest idea from a safety point of view).

Current book | "Godel Escher Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid" by Douglas Hofstader

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