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Hmm, today has been tedious but busy. Eating less, so thinking about food more - it annoys me the way I now obsess about what dinner will be if I don't snack or skip lunch. From when I was 13 to when I was 22 I often didn't eat lunch - and if I did have any food it'd be something silly like a portion of fries from Burger King. I rarely have more than two meals a day at weekends or on holidays. So how come I know about it if I don't eat lunch at work - I did take a break, went and sat and drank a bottle of water while pretending I was lunching so that I was 'allowed' the break. (Which is another thing that bugs me - most places I've worked (in summer jobs and stuff) if I missed lunch I could leave an hour early. Somehow I don't see Gill finding that a good reason - if I miss lunch then surely it means I work an extra hour in the day.)


I'm having garlic bread and peperoni pizza for dinner in case you wonder what it was that I was obsessing about ;)

And that's about the only interesting thing I can think of. Tomorrow will be a busy day at work, so I'll likely be zombied tomorrow night.

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