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The cold I was whinging about yesterday failed to materialise, so hopefully that's all gone now.

Work was dull, tbh. I didn't have quite enough to do all morning, then the afternoon was busy but very repetitive and tedious. I hate days like that, I like interesting days :)

In the evening I summoned up the motivation to cook Chilli Con Carne which is J's favourite food. I can take it or leave it, but we had stuff to do it so I cooked it. Not from scratch - we had an Old El Paso's Dinner Kit, which provided everything but the mince and water for the rice. Though I added more rice coz last time there wasn't enough rice to make a proper meal of it.

Then, just as we were logging off and starting to get ready to go to bed, our landlord came round and wanted some computer advice. He seemed to want a bootable CD coz he has the new PC and he can't install linux on it coz the CD he has isn't bootable ... so J sent him off with our copy of SuSE 7.0 so I hope that's worked.

Current book | "Mindstar Rising" by Peter F. Hamilton
Current Webscription book | "Thrice Bound" by Roberta Gellis

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