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Halfway through ...

Alarm went off at 10am, woke up at 1105am. This is pretty impressive, I normally get woken right up by the alarm so I musta been pretty damn tired. But then, J was playing GT3 until nearly 1am last night.

Went into town, usual lunch at Vagabonds. Managed to avoid getting served by the slowest member of staff, instead got the guy who remembers that we have large black coffees. Think we may be getting a little predictable ;) We then went trainer shopping - J needed some new ones, coz he wore out last summer's shoes. And bought a new memory card for the PS2 so that we can both have saved games for GT3. We also picked up a compilation album J thought I'd like - called 'Unbelievable', it's a collection of indie/early nineties stuff, same sort of stuff that they played at Sonic Flower last month.

Then we went off to the cinema, and saw Tomb Raider :) I thought it was cool - complete piece of fluff, but very fun. Can I be Lara Croft when I grow up? I got the hair for it already, shame about the rest, eh ;)

We're back home now, but we're off out again in the next hour or so - going to Haunted Hangar (local alternative/rock night, only happens once a month). As we were queueing for the bus to come home the two kids behind us were talking about persuading their mothers to let them out this evening - "And if she's worried about safety I'll tell her there's supposed to be lots of bouncers" ... given the blue hair and skateboards, I think they are also out to the same place as us tonight. I think I'm about twice their age :/ ... still, even though full of kids, it's normally fun, and it's always good music :)

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