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Todays been one of those lazy saturday type things so far. Got up really late (1030 - not that late in the grand scheme of things but we're normally up before 10am on a Saturday). Been into town and pottered around, J had to go get a haircut so I amused myself in the shops for an hour ... pottered around Boots looking at haircare and hair colouring stuff. Don't think I'll ever dye my hair myself though - too much of it and I'd never get it even. Saw some cool things though - there were 'style in a bag' things, which basically gave you step by step guide, plus all the stuff you needed to do a particular hairstyle ... didn't get one though, they were £15 and the one I liked best ('perfect waves') was for mid-length to long layered hair, and mines long, but all one length. There was one for 'smooth and sleek' hair, which was for one length hair, but my hair's got a bit of a natural wave so I don't think that'll ever work. Ah well. Did get something to smooth hair though - not bad for spending about half an hour wandering around the shop, only bought 1 unnecessary thing :)

Had lunch in Vagabonds, which is a cool cafe in town - and always seems to be full of the same kids we see at all the indie/rock/alternative things we go to ... so we sat and goggled at the trouser widths a bit while we were eating. I dunno how you cope with flares that're about a foot and a half diameter at the bottom.

Going out for dinner tonight *beam* to a chinese restuarant for a late valentine's day dinner. Just painted my nails and discovered I have yet another nail polish that is virtually indistinguishable from black! I like black nail polish, but this looked brown in the bottle, so it's a little bit of a disappointment - it does look almost brown in some lights, but ... might put a coat of sparkly stuff on top, or something so it's not just black, wasn't planning to wear makeup that suits black ... but then again, might just leave it be ...

What a very girly entry this has been ... not normal at all

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