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26 July 2001 @ 10:10 pm
J had a bad day today - waiting around for reboots, and sorting out stuff when it rebooted. So I persuaded him that he should let me take him out to dinner :) I had a bit of an upset tummy, so we didn't go to Spice2 which would've been my first choice, instead we went to Pizza Express :)

After that we went and had a drink while waiting for the bus, and saw a bit of Big Brother on the telly - I've not seen any of it so far, and this did not inspire me to watch any more ;) Oh and we got to find out that Helen is a brainless twit, just like the papers had said she was.

After this 'excitement' we headed off home and watched most of a program about the fall of the ancient Egyptian civilisation. It was quite a good program - and first of a series about ends of civilisations. But it was a little 'gee whiz', and they had one special effect that was really annoying - when the voice over said something EXCITING or SHOCKING the image on screen flashed between colourmaps a couple of times (I think it was positive to negative). The basic theory was that there was a mini ice-age at that time, and this caused widespread famine for a decade or so and thus the collapse of that civilisation. The evidence came from all sorts of things - like how far icebergs travelled at that time (down to Ireland).

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Ceci n'est pas une viemarble on July 29th, 2001 09:06 am (UTC)
When was this mini ice age? I read that the earth's crust has slipped a couple of times, and that this moved the north/south poles to cover different areas... are they talking about the same thing? One theory is that Atlantis is on the land mass currently covered by the southern icecap.
Margaretpling on July 29th, 2001 10:45 am (UTC)
About 4200 years ago. Don't think it's the same thing - they were talking about a cycle of about 15000 years with mini iceage at the end of each cycle.