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Got up and went off into town, as always for a Saturday :) Had lunch in Vagabonds then did a quick bit of shopping - I managed to save nearly £200 last month so I thought I could afford to treat myself to some new clothes. And it turned out that the shops seemed to be having summer sales, which was cool :) I got myself a pair of bootcut brown jeans from Dorothy Perkins for £5 and a highly impractical pair of purple silk trousers from Next for £20.

We got back from town and did a bit of tidying up coz Nirikina and Thrawn and Sagima were coming over ... it might not've looked that tidy, but it was a damn sight better than it had been ;) When they turned up we sat and chatted for a bit before letting them loose on GT3 and ordering pizza (Sagima had already eaten, so we didn't have to cater for his fussy tastes ;) ).

And then we went into town to find out what the Black Horse pub is like. And it was cool :) Just like the Spread Eagle used to be (even some of the same people DJing - though one of those was the girl whose set we've never been that keen on, but it's still better than dance pap ;) ). Most of the same crowd in too - just a bigger pub :)

Was a good evening, good whole day infact :)

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