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Uh, yeah. Unlike growf or jarel it hasn't been GT3 that's eaten my life. It's been my damn thesis. However, it feels almost done *bounce*. Basically I've spent all my evenings this last week putting my thesis together from the seperate files it was in, and moving the figures into the right places (they were all at the ends of the chapters, but now they're mixed in). M$Word was an arse, so some of that time was wasted - but it's done now :) I'm gonna print it on Tuesday (borrowing the laptop from Gill and spending Monday night fiddling with it to make sure that changing the printer drivers doesn't change anything fundamental - though the posh colour laserprinter is an HP same as my little deskjet so it should be OK). I then have to get it bound (not sure how long that'll take) and hand it in. So, fingers crossed it'll be done by the end of the week and then we'll take the week after off and go up north for a week and visit J's parents. Which'll be good - a week of not doing a lot and being cooked for and so on :) Shame it didn't work out that we were up there before scamp went :/

Other interesting things of the week:

Monday morning on the bus on the way to the station (at about 7am) we suddenly noticed that we had just driven past a white horse by the side of the road, with Indian style decoration on its saddle and a headdress (indian as in indian subcontinent, not as in american). A little further down the road on the other side we passed a house with flags and streamers and other decorations, and about 50 Indians stood outside. All the chaps in their suits and orange turbans, all the women in traditional dress (and very ornate stuff). We thought (those of us on the bus) that it might be a wedding. The decoration is still up (well, it was yesterday) and for a couple of days after there were still lots of people going in and out of the house both early in the morning and in the evening when I was going past on the bus.

Got a call from my brother on Wednesday - amongst other things he told me that they're selling the most recently broken of the Trojan Room Coffee machines on ebay and will be using the money to buy a new one. I just checked the current price as I was writing this entry and it's hit £510! So, if you want a dead coffee machine, that spent about 4 years infront of a webcam ... go bid now ;) It's amazing what people will buy - but it's good for Dave's department as they will now definitely be able to buy the £450 Gaggia espresso machine they were after, and maybe sometime even better by the time bidding closes.

Went out Friday night to Furry - and inevitably drank too much ... but was cool :) Saturday was a little hungover, however, but that passed. And we cooked Lasagne Al Tonno for dinner. I'm still impressed by that - I'd never cooked lasagne before, and it actually worked. Had a minor panic with the white sauce (never cooked that before either) but J rescued it. However we need a whisk for next time. We're also going to do the filling as a pasta sauce on its own sometime ... it was nice :)

Books I have read this week
"The Gates of Fire" by Thomas Harlan (Roman Empire doesn't fall, magic works, set in circa 600AD, book 2 of a series)
"Tunnel in the Sky" by Robert A. Heinlein (one of the first Heinlein books I ever read, and still one of my favourites)
"Red Planet" by Robert A. Heinlein (another of Heinlein's juveniles, but not one I'd read before, I wonder if the doctor in this is Lazarus Long)
Just started: "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman (this seems pretty good so far :) Quite dark.)

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