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Munch Munch

Here I am sitting eating my lunch (toast with Brussels pate on it *mmm* ... followed with coleslaw *mm-mmm*) ... anticipating my coffee coz the coffee machine takes a little while ... first coffee of the day too, shoulda had one with breakfast but I forgot I'd got low caffeine stuf now.

So far today I've been very good and virtuous and done work and stuff! :) Tidied up all my bits of paper this morning, sorted it into piles relevant to each chapter - so if I can think of anywhere other than the floor to put them it'll be neater. And I only need to bring the currently relevant pile over to the computer, thus minimising the amount of crap accumlating around my chair ;) J'll be pleased, he's been after me to tidy up for a while.

Went round to the landlady (next door) to tell her we're about to get a washing machine and fridge freezer and ask what she wanted us to do about theirs. So thursday evening we've got the lovely job of moving the washing machine out to their garage, but it'll be good to get a newer washing machine which has all the instructions in english, not german.

Also wrote the results section of my last results chapter, which is what I'd failed to actually do on Friday. Once I've got this chapter done I've only got the Discussion to write. Then everything needs polishing and polishing and polishing *bleh* ... still, nearly there.

Dinner Sat night was nice :) And then we went on to the Spread Eagle and listened to loud rocky music and had a pint or too. Was a very good evening :) Sunday was one of those lazy day type things ... didn't bother going to Tescos, just went to the co-op and tried to find nice looking food. I managed to drink too much coffee before eating so was feeling bleh for most of the shopping - so we didn't buy much impulse buy type food ;) Played some more Call to Power II yesterday too *bounce* hadn't managed to get round to doing that for a while ...

Looking forward to this evening - we're going to a Porcupine Tree concert in Norwich :) Should be cool, they rock live! Not looking forward to trying to find my way around Norwich in a car - I know how to walk from the station to the venue, but we'd never be able to get the train back as the last train is way too early so the other guy going with us is driving ... and I get to map read and try and work out where we gotta go *eep* ... but it's gonna be a good night :)

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