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Today started a little earlier than we'd been getting up - we had to be ready to leave the house by 0840 to meet Ross at a suit hire place in Consett. J is gonna be Ross's best man at his wedding so needed to be measured for a suit (which was supposed to happen yesterday but the guy who measures for suits wasn't in so we had to wait till today).

That done we toddled off to the bus station to find a bus to the Metro Centre. Once we found one and got there we went shopping for a bit (half an hour in HMV - though large chunk was spent watching the PS2 demo machine coz it had a bit of stuff from Tekken 4, which is just an arcade machine atm, but it looked good :) ). Then off to Pizza Hut for dinner which I wasn't keen on coz it was full of small brats and somehow I've gone off their food - it's the McDonalds of the pizza world :/

Then we went and saw Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within which I thought was really cool :) You did have to like computer games though - it felt like a final fantasy game ("find all the pieces to beat the big baddy" and "now you've found the ship you must do these tasks before it can take off"). But this is not a bad thing ;) The graphics were really good - most of the time I could forget that it was generated and just watch the pictures, the people were still not quite right - the occasional facial expression was wrong or summat.

After that off to the book shop where I bought "This Sceptred Isle: 55BC - 1901AD" by Christopher Lee, " Engines of God" by Jack McDevitt and "Magi'i of Cyador" by L.E. Modesitt Jr. Oh, and I went to M&S coz I needed some new underwear coz the underwire from one of my bras had come out in the washing machine.

Back off to Blanchland. When we got there we went off to the churchyard to see J's grandparents' grave. We'd not seen the headstone since Bill's name had been added to it.

After dinner J's ex came round. Not the most recent ex, but the one before her. And we had precisely nothing in common with her. Well, J could talk about people they both used to know but had both lost touch with, but apart from that ... So that was an entertaining hour for me ;)

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