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Today we went to the seaside :) J's mother had the day off so we got up about midmorning then got in the car and went off to Seahouses. When we got there we had fish and chips (mmmmmmm chips :) ), and went for a little wander before standing and looking out over the sea for a while. Then we headed off to Bamburgh after having had an ice-cream. We drove past the castle then decided to stop off for a pint, before heading back coz the dog was likely to be needing let out by this stage ;)

It was odd how different it was from how the same trip would've been if we'd gone with my parents rather than J's - you'd think a trip to the seaside is fairly standard but not really. We'd've taken sandwiches with us rather than had fish and chips (we rarely had chips when I was little which is probably why I like them so much now). We'd've probably gone to find some beach to walk along or sit on, rather than look out over the harbour - and then definitely gone to visit the castle, rather than go for a pint. Given my parents don't have a dog they'd need to let out we'd've then gone for some food in a pub a little later, before heading home.

Neither is better than the other as a way to spend a day (I'm quite happy with both :) ), they're just completely different. Some of the differences are because J's parents can't walk as far as my parents so a walk along the beach wouldn't appeal (my parents wouldn't count it a decent walk unless it was at least half an hour), and of course the need to get back for the dog affects things.

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