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Hmm. Deja vu. One drink turned into many (though I was drinking halves for most of the time this time so it wasn't quite so bad - however I was also drinking J's whisky by the end of the evening so that shows how pissed I was!).

So, I'm hungover (still) and had to pack up this morning (coz J was worse) before tackling the journey home. J's mother made us a fried breakfast before we went which was a mixed blessing ;)

The train journey displayed the usual problems of attempting to travel any distance using public transport. The first train was dirty and full so we had to stand up (only on that one for 15 minutes though). The second train was late. And then we sat opposite the worlds most selfish bastard. He managed to use the whole table up with his pieces of paper and bag, and when I got up to go buy a bottle of water he pushed things around to displace my book from the small space I'd found to put it. He asked me to move the bag I'd got sat between my feet (almost fair enough) so he could stretch his feet out, and then spent the last 20 minutes or so kicking my feet coz I'd dared to move them to where they were comfortable to me (still on my side of the table I'll add).

And then the train was so late that we missed our connection. It did get sorted out and we got put in a taxi from Peterborough at GNERs expense, but the two 'customer relations' staff sorting it out were pathetic. One was friendly enough but inept, the other showed some eptitude after a while but was really pissed off and grumpy. They both kept saying "You can go whichever way you please" when people asked if we were going in taxis or on a train ... yes maybe we can, but actually telling us the damn options would help!

But we're home, and it's good and I think I'll be un-hungover by tomorrow which is also good :)

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