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Weirdness after Porcupine Tree concert

Forgot to mention one really weird thing that happened at the Porcupine Tree concert. After it finished I went to the loos before we drove home, and as I was drying my hands this girl came up to me and said 'are you a big Porcupine Tree fan?' so I said yeah, and she asked if I liked chick singers, and said she was from the states and listened to a lot of prog rock in the states, and then fished around in her bag ... and gave me a CD-R of some band's music, where apparently the singer (a woman) is also the drummer. I'm not sure if she was in the band, or just liked them or what! Weird, truely weird. Maybe she thought I might be something to do with PTree? I had followed the band up the stairs, coz their dressing room was next door to the ladies loos (small venue, can you tell ;) ) and I'd just got to the stairs at the right moment ... didn't say anything to them really just politely waved them up the stairs first ... didn't wanna be all rabid fan at them ;) ... so maybe this lass thought I was something to do with them? I just dunno ... the CD was quite good though - we listened to it last night - but there's no discernable reason for it to be being given out to random women in loos after Porcupine Tree concerts


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